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From Our Home to Yours: Natural Honey & Nut Spreads

From Hive to Jar: Natural Honey Flavors

Superfood Honey: Sweetness and Wellness in Every Spoonful

Wholesome Spreadables: Nature's Nutty Delights

Mouth-watering Treats

From Hive to Jar

Harvested from the sun-kissed fields of Lebanon, our honey embodies the journey 'From Hive to Jar' with unmatched purity. This golden nectar, nurtured by local bees, carries the essence of Lebanon's rich biodiversity without any artificial intervention. It's a testament to the simplicity of nature's gifts, gently extracted and bottled to preserve its raw, unadulterated flavor.

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Natural Nut Spreads

Each jar is a blend of all-natural ingredients, bursting with flavor yet free from added sugars, gluten, and artificial additives. Our meticulously crafted selection includes vegan options, ensuring there's a delightful spread for every preference. Savor the taste of pure, earthy nuts in every spoonful.

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From Hive To Jar

From Hive to Jar

From the fields of Lebanon

To your dining experience

Meet the founders

Two sisters, one passion: exceptional flavors

Meet Taline and Aline, the two sisters behind By Taline, a brand on a mission to deliver healthy and delicious food. Their passion for unique ingredients and exceptional flavors brought them together to create this exceptional brand.

Our Full Range

We're constantly innovating and adding new treasures to our collection, so stay tuned for the latest flavors that nature has to offer.

Nut Spreads

Almond, Pistachio, Hazelnut and much more!

Natural Honey

From Oak to Creamy!

Praline Honey Chocolate

Honey-filled premium Belgium chocolates.

Choco Figs

A must-try for Chocolate lovers!

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